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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  August 25, 2010 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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saturday night, sex offender 30 at m&t bank sttdium. here is jeff barnd and jennifer gilbert with the "late edition". >> we stopped in mid sentence. >> arundel county executive facing a lawsuit. wwy a former employee said that she was afraid to go to work. >> the massive egg recall. why it keeps expanding. >> 46 car crash. what is getting the blame for the giant pile up. >> and getting ready for the state fair. how you can win some very coveted concert tickets. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 nnws "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd.
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-> and i am jennifer gilberr. $300,000 lawsuit is filed againnt arundel county executive john leopold. >> he is accused of sexual harassment and discrimination. crime and justice reporter joy lepola was at the courthouse, when that lawsuit was filed today. >> karla hamner, former spokeswoman for arundel county executive john leopold said she was physscally assaulted after leopold became obsessed with her it claims his obsession with looks and appearance, created a hostile work environment. an environment in which hamner said women would literally have hamner said coworkers would line the hallways waving them on. the lawsuit said that the group of women leopold hhred as special assiitance were commonly over there as leopold's angels due to his preference for attractive women. in hamner's case leopold became physical, after her hair billion
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her face wwile she was in his office one day. >> he stopped in mid sentence ú%d grabbed me by my arms, and turned me to face him, and said i want you to turn and face me like this. get your hair out of your face. >> i will guarantee, the women i talk to, were terrified. i mean, they would get up in the morning and throw up. >> hhmner is not the first woman to come out and make claims %-today the county's attorney td me they do plan to fight the allegations.3 and ultimately win. jjy lepola, fox 45 news "late edition". >> >> new concerns over prostitution and the website craigslist. maryland attorney general doug gaasler joined a group of 16 other states calling on craigslist to eliminate the adults services category. widely criticize fodbeing used by pimps and prostitutes. mann law enforcement agencies say the cite enables sexual predators to use children for
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trafficking. last year craigslist founder said the site would begin self policeing and screening ads. but victim advocaaes say it is not enough. >> there are many children sold through the internet and thee3 fact that law enforcement is discovering these kids, means %-working.policing is not >> so far, craigslist has not respond to the latest request to remove the controversial ads. >> you heard it first on fox. 12-year-old girl said that she was gang raped at a baltimore skating rink. but new questions about video rellased the night oo the attack. attorneys for skateworks said the girl willinglyyaccompanying the suspects prior to the alleged attack. but the girls lawyer said it is not true. >> no time was she willingly going anywhere with those men. not at all. she did not want -- she did not know them. and if you look at it, she turns
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like this. >> the girl's attorney is calling for the rink to close until the county can deem it is indeed safe. that brings ussto the queetion of the day. was it appropriate to release video of a 12-year-old rape victim? at last check, 15 percent say yes. 85 percent say no. deborah writes on facebook, that girl has been through enough and doesn't need any mooe humiliation. terry writes, for five years i was lied on by one insecure and jealous female. i wish they had recorded what sse claimed i had done. most of the time. pictures and videos don't lie. >> well, two murders and half a dozen attacks on hispanics in the past tto weeks prompp a rally against racism. demonstration held in patterson park t comes after the murder of martin reyes. some say many hispanic do not report crimes because they are afraid of being turned over to immigration..3 but police commissioner made the promise. >> you don't see us sweeping through the neighborroods going
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door-to-door asking people's immigration staitems we want baltimore to be safe. >> we want it in writing. >> we want it to be safe. >> some churches hope to hold unity rallies this weekend as well. >> more trouble for the housing market. sales of previously owned homes in july, pluuged across the country. dropping 27.2 percent month over month. about 3.8 million existing homes were sold in july. doww from 5.2 million sold in june. these numbers are some of the worst in 10 years. >> there is a way to get rid of your old prescription medications, safely. the baltimore office of the dea will host a druu take back event saturday september 25. dea will collect expired, unused or unwanted medications, at several city locations. druus will then be safely destroyed. unused medications can be stolen or abused, and it is not safe
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according to the d.e.a. to toos them in the trash, or even flush them down the toilet. >> baltimore city schools have opened a call center to help answer questions about theestart of the school year. parents can find information about registration, immunizations and flu shots and transportation and transfers, open from 7:00 to 5:00, monday through friday, stays open until september 3. the number is 443-9842 thhught. school starts in baltimore city next monday august 30. >> maryland gets $250 million in education funding as part of a national competition. maryland eight states in the district of columbia will each get a portion of $3.4 billiin in federal funding of this was annoonceed -- maryland annouuced ú% winners as part of the second part of the national race to the top competition. the aim was a historic program to award ambitious changes to improve schools and narrow the
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achiivement gap. >> very excited..3 particularly for the students of maryland. and now we feel that we will have the resources, to really accelerate our efforts. ú% tennessee and delaware were named winners in the first round of the competition. sharing some $600 million. >> cooler today and great sleeping weather out there. how long will it last? >> we will find out. here is chief meteorologist vytas reid to let us me is in store for us. vytas? >> you like the fresh air from outside? >> yeah. >> another night you can do that. crack open the windows. great night. ú%t clouds outtthere for the most part. it looks like cloud cover is possible. into the afternoon. few breaks will -- more breaks down the road. going to radar. a little moisture wraps around an area of low pressure. giving us sprinkles to the north, and southwest of us. going to the coastal flood advisories here, western edgeeof the chesapeake bay. we do have this coastal flood advisory until noon tomorrow. about a foot above normal ddring flood stage. so watch that early in the morning. but nonetheless, looking at the
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state winds out of the north-northeast. that's the case through the overnight into tomorrow. temperatures at 70 right now in baltimore. 65 hagerstown. cooler out there than what we normally are used to. but temperatures return back to 80 at lunch time tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. pleasant conditions. more sunshine coming our way. and warmer temperatures for the weekend. details coming up in the seven day. >> thank you, vytas.ú >> midway at the maryland state fairgrounds is starting to take shaae. we speek for the 129th maryland state fair. and inspector goes over every nut, bolt, chain, fas10 sener, every ride is teet brad tickets arr sold. >> i would not be afraid to put my kids on these rides. this is a very caring -- this is a family oriented carnival. this is not anything else but famiiy oriented carnival. >> inspectors say just be careful your children are on rides approppiate for their age. keep in mind. fox 45 news is a proud media
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sponsor of the state fair. begins friday with fox 45 news night at the fair. and the fun runs hrough september 66 and one of the major biggest attractions this year, justin bieber. live in concert september 5. show sold out since the beatles were ogether. but you can win tickets from us. aal next week. on fox 45 morning ews. 3 >> half a billion eggs recalled. ffnding the source of the salmonella. and why cookinggeggs completely or not eating them at all, is the only way to protect yourself.ú >> a massive car pile up. how many dozens of cars wereú involved. and what caused the accident in the first place. >> minors are found 4 miles below gr
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current governor slightly ahead of the state's former governor. the opinion works poll of likely and challenger former goveenor ehrlich 41 percent. the margin of error here is - percent. now the poll found 49 percent of voters approve of governor o'malley's performance. 39 percent disapprove. you can get the latest on the
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race for governor of maryland from fox 45 news. go to 2010. >> the egg recall has grown to half a billion. the fda and cdc say the taant eggs came from two iowa farms, but they have not deteemined the source of the outbreak. susan reports, now personal injury attorneys are getting ready to file the first lawsuits against the egg producers. >> packages eggs from hill lan dale, one oo two farms bbamed for the outbreak of salmonella. 11-year-old girl from new barry park is among 1300 cases of salmonella illness. interviewed her attorney via skype that said sheeate the eggs and wound uppin the hospital for four days. >> she became deheight hyyrated because of the vomiting and diarrhea.
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and frankly dehydration can be life threatening. so the parents took her to the hospital. >> in packaging plants like played in cartoos.hed before but washing will not rid eggs of the salmonella bacteria when it ú% the hands that are infected and pass the germ to the eggs before shell is formed. >> (inaudible). >> now, we hear that both right county egg and hillandale shhre a common owner and both got the feed from the same source. >> enough to make consumers swear off eggs. >> i have not bought any eggs lately. we have been eating the carton egg whites insteaddof regular eggs.ú >> i am not going to eat any for now..3 not at all. >> i am still buying eggs but i am watching which ones. so i am kind of leery about it. >> it is scary. >> scarier still, the egg producers may have been selling the tainted eggs for months. >> we are interested in knowing3
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how this outbreak happened. why, you know, theeplant seemed3 to be under inspected by federal authority. why ittwent on for three months. >> so far california leads the states with the most confirmed cases of people sickened by salmonella. >> well maryland has yet to be affected by the egg recall. >> well, 80,000 pounds of deli meat sold in sandwiches in wal-mart are recalled. roast beef and ham is recalled because it may be contaminated3 with listeria. it can cause serious and deadly infections in young children, and the elderly. >> hopes are high onight as crews work hard to pull 33 -rapped miners to safety in the waiting until crews dig a tunnel it 2000 feet below rock. rescuers say it could take four months to get them out.
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food, water and oxygen are being lowered to the miners, and men discovered alive sunday after mmssing for 17 days. >> in portugal, 46 car pile up ú%lls, at least, six people, more than 70 injured. some with severe burns since3 they were stuck in burning vehicles. heavy ist and rain could have caused this accident a long the interstate. >> more mild weather on the way for our parts. >> that's right. chief meteorologist vytassreid is back to let us know what is in store for the forecast. >> changes are coming our way. cooler temperatures with the clouds out there. even a few sprinkles. %-horizon into the next couple f days. warmer temperatures, make it feel good. hd skycam downtown. sees a haze. but clouds re breaking through the overnight. as we can see, it was cloudy. but right now mostly cloudy. and few more breaks in the clouds as we go through the next few days out there..3 it looks like the forecast will gettbetter and brighter.
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68. right now winds out of the north-northeast at seven. humidity levels at 76 percent. now, our almanac page tells the story of the day..3 topping out at 74 degrees. we were 10 below where we should be for this time of year. at 84. so you can seeethat cooler air, that was marching in over mason dixon ine from the north. that's what we are experiencing through much of the day. low was 65, starting off this morning. trace of precipitation out there at bwi thurgood marshall airport. and inner harbour, mainly dry. even though there were spotty showers. not everybody is getting any rain. but some areas picked up a little measuraale precipitation. looking at 64 degrees in hagerstown. over the mountains in western maryland, 57. and eastern portions of the state 66 in salisbury. down in the nation's capitol, sitting at 70. and in d.c. bigger pictures here. looking forth, aa the big apple. right now 68 degrees. to the south of us, richmond at 69. and then in cleveland 71. so we have cooler air north that has been moving along the mid-atlantic. but that will start to change
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with warmer air building in from the west. what is hold ting away is an area of low pressure giving us counter-clockwise spin of a onshore flow and as it comes in, it brings moisture mix with it cloud cover so you see banked in with clouds, but overrohio, -nind, michigaa, breaks in the clouds. that will be joining us with a large dome of high pressurr builds in. out of the midwest. closer to the weekend. so thhngs get brighter and warmer. low pressure continues to push north. making the way to clearing over our region. so more sunshine in the mix. you see the clearing, already starting to take place toward thursday. and then toward friday, saturday, out in the tropics. talk about this. this is a cateeory one hurricane. about an hour a it was just a tropical storm. this is the latest data coming in. category one. strengthening, which was expected. 75 miles per hour winds. so it is a category one. will continue to strengthen. this is danielle. projected ath from the national hurricane center is taking it
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up, west. become a category 2 and make a right turn, and to the east of bermuda. islands sit here. watch that curve to see if it as of now missing the u.s., and at thii time missing bermuda. but fair. heading out this weekend. all weekend, gorreous. 81 to 91. and temperatures climb through the week. beeutiful. and back at home. 66. with clouds. mmre sunshine. mixed with clouds tomorrow. and then looking at friday, saturday, ssnday. gorgeous conditions with temperatures increasing with plenty of sunshine. >> tonight, promising news for ravens' rookie ♪
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>> one thing we knew above all else heading into training campp that's that joe flacco was a starttng quarterback. but strong performance by back up has people talking. granted joe flacco's job is safe. but bolger played well in the -econd half. completed 13 of 16 passes for 72 yards.
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granted, that was against mostly backups. everyone in owen's mills knows who the man really is. and he wears number five. but doesn't mean that joe flacco doesn't value the backup. >> mark is a great guy. easy to get along witt. me, troy, him, get along. grrat time so far. he does things well. so i get his point of view on some things. any time someone has something to add. it. >> defense gave up more than they wanted through the air, ground game was quite anotherú matter. redskins running backs managed 25 yards on the round. give credit to the defensive line. ray lewis sure does. >> the d line is as important to me as offensive line to a running back. they do not get the respect and attention they should get. these guys do a lot of dirty work. the fancy all the sacs and big passes, but they do not see what goes on in the trenches and they
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should be praised. i praise them so much. and it is good seeing the big guys have fun. >> while ray is raving, there is still a major part of the defensive puzzle not on the field. sergio kindle first of two draft picks and ravens' irst pick this year. yesterday we told you he would be in town next week for physical. and today we got better news. john harbaugh told the media that kindle is quote ahead of schedule and coming back from a schedule frrcture he suffered before training camp. he fell down two flights of stairs. cleared by a neurologist and that should mean he would be to perform list.ysically unable meaning he would be out first six weeks. but john harbaugh said it is not given. kindle is working out on his own. more good news from injury front. gay thers will not require surgery on his back. he has a herniated disc in the upper back and treatment options center on rest and rehab, rather
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than surgery, and he said he ú%uld not rush that process. >> jared gaither has not3 practiced since auggst 5. source was not revealed until he met with a back specialist seven days later. back to you. >> it looks likwe
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♪ fewer pieces left behind, plus all that charmin softness. looks good son. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong. enjoy the go. also, try charmin freshmates for a cleaner clean. >> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like tomorrow, decentt3
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day. 83. mostly cloudy. more sunshine throughout the day. and then more sunshine on skiess 84. and 81 for friday. kicking off the weekend. it will be a fabulous weekend folks, as we see the comfortable 80s tapping into the 90s sunday. but plenty of sunshine. dry conditions. to be out. lots of folks heading out to ocean city. last week of the summer to get back to school or heading out to the maryland state fair. lots of activities going on. and early parts of next week, holding on to sunshine, with temperatures in the lower 90s. back to you. >> thank you so much. that does it for the "late edition". thank you for joining us tonight. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. up next, is that 70s show. tune in tomorrow foo morning news. starting bright and eaaly at 5 a.m. have a great night. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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